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    Drupal MidCamp (Chicago)

    I just finished spending the weekend at a Drupal Conference.  I attended Drupal MidCamp that started on Thursday March 19 and finished on Sunday March 22.  I had a great time and I was definately needing the comradery and the exposure that I received at camp.

    This was the the third Drupal Event like this that I had attended.  The first one was in Madison Wis at the end of July last year and the Fox Valley Drupal Camp that was in early September.  It was so great attending the sessions, rubbing shoulders with other Drupaliers and immersing myself in the Drupal Community.  

    Is this Drupal stuff making sense now?

    After 10 months of focus I'm starting to think this Drupal Stuff is starting to make sense.  My ProvisoEast72.org project took me a couple of months to get it to the point where I was happy with it.

    My MadameWiladina.com took 5 months to get online (there were a great many detours before I could get that site live). 

    FINALLY a step forward

    I just spent the day completing a Lynda.com course. I just completed the "Simplified Drupal Sites with Drush" course. The Certificate can be viewed here. It was a very good run-through of Drush basics. I feel a lot more comfortable with Drush. Using Aegir I have had to become a bit more comfortable with it and this course has simplified my making use of it.

    The sky has fallen, the sky has fallen

    Well, my attempts at learning Omega 4 was a total disaster. It turns out the Omega 4uses Sass and in order to use Sass one must install all kinds of other program/tools. The procedure for windows was tedious and ended up not working very well so I figured I would install it on my LINUX VM but ended up being just as frustrating and in the process of trying to get Sass installed I ended up hosing up the OS. I ended up reinstalling LINUX twice because the first time reinstalling it I upgraded

    Good day yesterday

    Was a productive day yesterday. I got a lot accomplished with my tutorial. I'm understanding views a lot better now and am a lot more comfortable with manipulating data with drupal. I SO pick up things much easier when I observe how its done. In the tutorial he went over the different display formats like tables, HTML lists, grids and jump data (which is more like drop down menus). 

    Frustrating Afternoon/Evening

    In my previous post I said that I would use this blog site as my guinea pig in my quest to hone my Drupal skills.  

    First on my agenda was to install a text editor so users can do some styling to their posts.  I chose CKEditor at the editor and got it installed easily enough and tested it.  All was good until I attempted to add a comment to a test post.  The comment window had a grey color to it and when I typed, no text would appear.