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    Drupal Roles

    I found an article that has answered a lot of terms that have been floating around me since I have adopted Drupal as my new career.  It has clarified a great many things that I only had passing understanding and I wish to share it here.

    The roles it clarifies are:

    Blog Homepage View (Export)

    $view = new view();
    $view->name = 'homepage';
    $view->description = 'Emulates the default Drupal front page; you may set the default home page path to this view to make it your front page.';
    $view->tag = 'default';
    $view->base_table = 'node';
    $view->human_name = 'homepage';
    $view->core = 0;
    $view->api_version = '3.0';

    UTF-8 & Drupal 7.50

    If you read my previous post I mentioned that Drupal v7.50 has it's apparent difficulties. I spoke of the issue of the consequences of physically uninstalling modules without removing them from the database. Now I will talk some about the other error that surfaces with the upgrade to Drupal 7.50.

    That error is: