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Basic troubleshooting Drupal for "cURL ERROR 28: Operation times out after..."

This is generally a time out connecting to a web resource.

I have found a lot of "fixes" on how to correct this issue but very few on how to isolate where the problem is.  This is especially with Drupal where all you get is this general error:

Creating a Static Drupal Site with Tome


We have a site on pantheon and we use lando for local development

We will created a lando instance and use tome to transition to a static html site.
I will also create a separate lando instance to not interfere with the live site/development just because.
And will create a gitlab repository and host the site on gitlab since it will be pure html

Drupal Roles

I found an article that has answered a lot of terms that have been floating around me since I have adopted Drupal as my new career.  It has clarified a great many things that I only had passing understanding and I wish to share it here.

The roles it clarifies are:

Blog Homepage View (Export)

$view = new view();
$view->name = 'homepage';
$view->description = 'Emulates the default Drupal front page; you may set the default home page path to this view to make it your front page.';
$view->tag = 'default';
$view->base_table = 'node';
$view->human_name = 'homepage';
$view->core = 0;
$view->api_version = '3.0';