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Back on track?

The last couple of days I seem to be doing better at refocusing on the task-at-hand.  Last night I finally completed the tutorial I started on "Photoshop CS5 for Web" on Lynda.com (http://www.lynda.com/). I have been on Lynda.com for almost as long as I have been working with Drupal.  I find video tutorials are the way to go for learning.  I guess that is because I'm more of a "visual" person.

Scattered Sunday

Turned out to be a scattered day.  I was comparing distributions looking for something suitable for my class reunion site.  I did the last one which was fine for a static site, but I am wanting to make it more interactive, user friendly and also a tool to make the committee's lives easier.  

Solved: The Case of the To Wide Toolbar

Yesterday I wrote about my efforts to install a text editor for blogging and comments.  I originally tried to use the combination of WYSIWYG & CKEditor (and later Tiny_MCE) but could not get comments to work (but was able to do blog posts).  It turned out to be caused by a few different issues:

 WYSIWYG was set to use the theme's CSS.  Once I changed it to to use the system default CSS I was able to edit the comment box. 

Frustrating Afternoon/Evening

In my previous post I said that I would use this blog site as my guinea pig in my quest to hone my Drupal skills.  

First on my agenda was to install a text editor so users can do some styling to their posts.  I chose CKEditor at the editor and got it installed easily enough and tested it.  All was good until I attempted to add a comment to a test post.  The comment window had a grey color to it and when I typed, no text would appear.  

First Post

I am a new Drupal Developer having worked with Drupal for over 1 1/2 years. Drupal is a CMS platform that has a lot of complexity to it. After being laid off over a month ago I have decided to pursue Web Development as a new career.