Scattered Sunday

Submitted by Drupalguy on Mon, 06/09/2014 - 19:54

Scattered Sunday

Turned out to be a scattered day.  I was comparing distributions looking for something suitable for my class reunion site.  I did the last one which was fine for a static site, but I am wanting to make it more interactive, user friendly and also a tool to make the committee's lives easier.  

I looked at 2 distributions, Corporate Site ( and Web Experience Toolkit (  Corporate Site was a good "starter" distribution but did not have many 'built-in' features (they would have to be added later).  Web Experience Toolkit was a huge install, and afterwards I kept getting 503 errors about session time outs.  I'm guessing that it was not liking how 'slow' my system was or that it was not optimized very well (which may be the case).  I abandoned both distributions because I do not have the time to add on LINUX optimization to the time I'm spending learning my way around Drupal better. 

I may have to build the Website from scratch (which in the long run may be the best utilization of my time at this point in time).

I was talking to a friend a few days ago and he told me about AEgir and how he uses it to manage all the Drupal websites on his server.  So on an impulse I went on Google, found the instructions on how to download and install it and I added it to my server.  

The install went really well.  I run all my Drupal sites on a LINUX VM on top of Windows 2012/HyperV.  I decided to run it off LINUX because it was much easier to find directions for LINUX than for Windows.  

And now the fun stuff begins.  Figuring out how it works.  I'm not finding much documentation or tutorials on how to use AEgir but I'm sure that has more to do with my concentration being really scattered at the moment.  My original plan was to work on learning Views better, but I have not been focused on that for a couple of days.

So today I hope to get back on track and put AEgir on the back burner, postpone the reunion website till later in the week and concentrate today on Views.

Wish me luck!