Submitted by Drupalguy on Sat, 06/21/2014 - 20:06


My old gig has been diverting me lately but I haven't forgotten where I'm pointed.  

The weekend was productive.  I installed a CentOS VM on my Windows 2012 machine.  CentOS is quite different from Ubuntu but in doing some reading I decided it was best not to upgrade to Ubuntu 14.04, but to instead go to CentOS.  It is the free LINUX that is based off Red Hat.  The install went off pretty well. 

After talking to a friend in Washington I decided to install Aegir on this server. Aegir is supposed to make maintenance easier, plus in makes it so I can better organize my sites more efficiently.  I had several issues with Aegir but finally got it up by Sunday night.  

I put a couple test sites on it, one was going to be for me to update my HS Reunion site (but have since decided to develop it on Aquia Desktop so it will be easier to work on it away from home).  The other site is to update a shopping cart from Zencart to Drupal.  The owner likes its though she said she found the theme "dark".  My thought about the Commerce Kickstart distribution's theme it that it was bright.  (I guess I just don't see things as others <LOL>).

I went to the Fox Valley Drupal Group meeting tonight.  I had a great time meeting everyone there.  It was much smaller than the Chicago Advanced Drupal Group, and they seemed friendlier than the Chicago Group as well.  

At the meeting I was exposed to a lot of the lingo of the Drupaliers.  Some of which even made some sense.  I guess all the tutorials and reading I have been doing is starting to wear off on me. In all 17 had RSVP'd while 10 people actually came to the meeting.  

It's getting late so I will tell more about the meeting in my next post.