Solved: The Case of the To Wide Toolbar

Submitted by Drupalguy on Mon, 06/09/2014 - 19:51

Solved: The Case of the To Wide Toolbar

Yesterday I wrote about my efforts to install a text editor for blogging and comments.  I originally tried to use the combination of WYSIWYG & CKEditor (and later Tiny_MCE) but could not get comments to work (but was able to do blog posts).  It turned out to be caused by a few different issues:

 WYSIWYG was set to use the theme's CSS.  Once I changed it to to use the system default CSS I was able to edit the comment box. 

 Even though I can now edit both documents the toolbar for "FULL HTML"  was to wide so it extended off of the desktop and off of the screen.  This issue is also related to the CSS and in the research I did there was no definitive fix for it.

Even though I finally got the editor to work, I was dissatisfied with the toolbar. It looked so bad I decided to try out the CKEditor Module, the one that I kept reading about where it was suggested not to use it.  In hind sight I'm guessing they meant not to use this module with the WYSIWYG module (which required the use of the CKEditor plug-in).  

I found this module to work perfectly.  It installed with no issues or complications and it looked great.  The toolbar is responsive so it resized very well with the screen width.

Having resolved this I can now move on.