Frustrating Afternoon/Evening

Submitted by Drupalguy on Fri, 06/06/2014 - 19:47

Frustrating Afternoon/Evening

In my previous post I said that I would use this blog site as my guinea pig in my quest to hone my Drupal skills.  

First on my agenda was to install a text editor so users can do some styling to their posts.  I chose CKEditor at the editor and got it installed easily enough and tested it.  All was good until I attempted to add a comment to a test post.  The comment window had a grey color to it and when I typed, no text would appear.  

I checked Google and but was unsuccessful in finding the problem.  I even went as far as to install another editor (TinyMCE) and had the same problem.  Plain Text worked fine but Filtered and Full HTML would fail.  

After many hours of checking permissions, and many other themes I finally isolated the problem to the themes.  I finally decided to go back to basics and enabled the Drupal default theme, Bartik, and checked the comment window and everything was fine.  

Lesson learned is to go back to default when there is an issue that defies logic.  And now that I have isolated it to the theme, next time I feel motivated I'll have to troubleshoot one of the themes to see if I can correct the issue.

More to come later.

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