Been away and busy

Submitted by Drupalguy on Mon, 06/30/2014 - 20:11

Been away and busy

I can't seem to catch a break lately. I started the task of learning Omega 4 (a theme creator module) so I can begin my next project, building a website for my class reunion. I figure this would be a good project to start practicing all the tutorials I have been going through.

 This last weekend the plan was to drive 6 hours, down to southern Illinois, to go visit our daughter. I saw that as a good time to get down with my theming lessons (wife would drive while I work on the laptop). I downloaded some tutorials on Omega and was all set.

 First thing that happened was some of the tutorials were the wrong version (note to self, next time be sure of the version). Then once I got started with the correct version I learned that I needed to get "sass" loaded on my laptop. So I spent a good hour fighting to download software while driving down I-57 (not a good plan around that area as the cell service is spotty and the data was pretty much nil). I finally (after 4 hrs.’) gave up and put the laptop away.

 I also found that installing it for Windows was not the easiest thing as well so I decided to throw a LINUX VM on my laptop. Again, not an easy thing to do (no, I did not do this in the car; I waited till we were at out friend's house where they have fast Internet.

 The first difficulty was deciding on software. The free application I always used before is now paid, so I had to go out and find another VM to use. I decided on VMware Player. Besides still being free, it also supports LINUX but only in 32-bit mode (which is fine for me since this is for a lab configuration).

 I drove back to return the favor to my wife. I ended up not doing much more on Sunday night.

 Once Monday started I found myself in the same situation as Sunday morning. I went into Aegir and discovered the database got hosed (the proper way to shutdown VMware was not as apparent and I must have shut it down at the wrong time> I took a stab at trying to fix the database but I was getting nowhere so I have started over again. I am saving the WHOLE VM at certain points so I should not have to start over from scratch again (knocking on wood).

 I am installing my platforms and sites on Aegir now so hopefully in the next hour I might be able to start back on tutorials (and I haven't even tried to reinstall Sass yet, but I did save the procedures from yesterday so I don't have to look that up again).

 Wish me luck!