Drupal MidCamp (Chicago)

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Drupal MidCamp (Chicago)

I just finished spending the weekend at a Drupal Conference.  I attended Drupal MidCamp that started on Thursday March 19 and finished on Sunday March 22.  I had a great time and I was definately needing the comradery and the exposure that I received at camp.

This was the the third Drupal Event like this that I had attended.  The first one was in Madison Wis at the end of July last year and the Fox Valley Drupal Camp that was in early September.  It was so great attending the sessions, rubbing shoulders with other Drupaliers and immersing myself in the Drupal Community.  

The community is the best part about Drupal.  Everyone is so friendly and helpful, and are very passionate about Drupal, so much so you might think is was their religion.  Since being involved Drupal I have developed a better understanding of open source and how it "should" work (and Drupal is striving to do that, continue this and protect this).  It's the love of the community that is responsible for the success of Drupal.  

The thought of open source was so foreign to someone like myself, brought up in the age of "flower power, peace and love" which was followed by the specter of capitalism and Reaganomics.  I'm surprised someone hasn't branded open source as a communist plot, but luckily that hasn't happened.  Instead I got to be a part of an event where people came together in support of a product that has been built by volunteers, is available for use at no cost or licensing fees, and is administered by committees of individuals with very little ego and kingsmanship involved.  

The "company" of Drupal is not like any other company I have ever been involved in.  It helps me feel like there maybe some hope for the world.

I will add more about my experience and MidCamp soon.

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