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    It's been a month...

    Time flies when you have to rebuild your web server at least 10 times...

    The last month took forever in one regard, and in another it went by fast.  I was running Ubuntu 12.04 and that came up on EOL (End of Life) the first week of August and in reading about the upgrade I decided NOT to upgrade to the next level of Ubuntu (was reading something about them not using a LTS (Long Term Support) release for their kernel so I decided to move away from that).

    Been away and busy

    I can't seem to catch a break lately. I started the task of learning Omega 4 (a theme creator module) so I can begin my next project, building a website for my class reunion. I figure this would be a good project to start practicing all the tutorials I have been going through.


    My old gig has been diverting me lately but I haven't forgotten where I'm pointed.  

    The weekend was productive.  I installed a CentOS VM on my Windows 2012 machine.  CentOS is quite different from Ubuntu but in doing some reading I decided it was best not to upgrade to Ubuntu 14.04, but to instead go to CentOS.  It is the free LINUX that is based off Red Hat.  The install went off pretty well. 

    Its been a while

    I have been really busy the last few day. On Saturday I finished the Views tutorial. It was very enlightening and its nice to be able to understand the makings of the different content types. I ended up using what I learned the next day after starting the Commerce KickStart Tutorial. Unfortunately the distribution changed a lot since the tutorial was done.

    Back on track?

    The last couple of days I seem to be doing better at refocusing on the task-at-hand.  Last night I finally completed the tutorial I started on "Photoshop CS5 for Web" on Lynda.com (http://www.lynda.com/). I have been on Lynda.com for almost as long as I have been working with Drupal.  I find video tutorials are the way to go for learning.  I guess that is because I'm more of a "visual" person.

    Scattered Sunday

    Turned out to be a scattered day.  I was comparing distributions looking for something suitable for my class reunion site.  I did the last one which was fine for a static site, but I am wanting to make it more interactive, user friendly and also a tool to make the committee's lives easier.  

    Solved: The Case of the To Wide Toolbar

    Yesterday I wrote about my efforts to install a text editor for blogging and comments.  I originally tried to use the combination of WYSIWYG & CKEditor (and later Tiny_MCE) but could not get comments to work (but was able to do blog posts).  It turned out to be caused by a few different issues:

     WYSIWYG was set to use the theme's CSS.  Once I changed it to to use the system default CSS I was able to edit the comment box. 

    First Post

    I am a new Drupal Developer having worked with Drupal for over 1 1/2 years. Drupal is a CMS platform that has a lot of complexity to it. After being laid off over a month ago I have decided to pursue Web Development as a new career.